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Hello BioLister,

Would you like to help build the BioLists' Database? Care to have your key Groups and favourite Common Names at your, and everyone else's fingertips?

Our immediate target is to complete lists of Genera for the full start-up classification (Year-version 2000). All Genus names are still needed for most Animal groups. Please check content online.

Immediate targets are for long lists of Genus names - as BioLists in CSV files - for:
  Early Fishes (8100-8400); see BDV-## at "View DB".
  Bony Fishes (8400-9000)
  Reptiles (9100-9300) (excluding Crocodiles); and;
  Non-marine Mammals (excluding Rabbits (9670) & Elephants (9950)).

With advanced notice, we will confirm your authorship of your chosen Groups before you start. Or, you may have other areas of expertise to help with the BioLists start-up. All help welcome.

NOTE: For now, the Time-band dates (2000 & 2010) are just a guide ("old" v "new") and, for BioLists, the most widely available names are the most useful. So, use your library sources, etc.
Note: Web data is usually too recent. Only send recently published names if they have been accepted into mainstream literature: then they will be welcome within T-b 2010 or T-b 2015 BioLists.

With Thanks,
The BioLists team
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