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[Conducted in Ireland in 1960, this study mimics the procedures in K.R. Allen's Horokiwi Stream study [Allen, K.R. 1951. The Horokiwi Stream: A study of a trout population, N.Z.". Mar. Dep. Fish. Bull. 10: 238pp], Wellington, New Zealand, which I had been appointed (1960) to repeat.]

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See: or
Get: Whitebait_Growth.pdf

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See: or
Get: Family_Retropinnidae_Salmonoidea.pdf

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See: or
Get: An_improved_fish_measuring_board.pdf

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See: [NB: The published text of this paper (and my name) was significantly abbreviated without my knowledge.]

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Following sections are in preparation:

Significant documents, prepared but not widely available. To be Archived:

Woods, C.S., 1962. The Biology of the New Zealand Eleotrids. MS. Read before the Zoology Section of the 10th New Zealand Science Congress of the Royal Society, August, 1962. Christchurch. MS 8pp. [Slide 1: Original guache paintings of six species, male and female of each, are available. Other slides not known.]

Woods, CS 1961 - 1967 Catalogue of Freshwater Fishes of New Zealand, collected, curated and catalogued by C.S. Woods with assistance from Walter Skrzynski and Keith Maynard. 20.000 specimens in 1200 sample lots. In 1968 most were left, with copies of this catalogue, in the care of the Dominion Museum, Wellington, and the Canterbury Museum, Christchurch.

Woods, C.S., 1969. Classification of Vertebrates: Recent Families and Fossil Groups. (After L.S. Berg, 1940 (Fishes) and A.S. Romer, 1966 (Tetrapods) with Common Names from various sources. Dept. of Zoology, Univ. of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada. 54pp.

Woods, C.S., 2010. Submission to DCC Draft Annual Plan 2010/2011. 9-Apl-2010: 7pp.

Woods, C.S., 2011. Submission to DCC Draft Annual Plan 2011/2012. 30-Spt-2011: 8pp.


Weekly Newspaper Columns:

1973-1975 Environmental notes in the Galway Advertiser (Galway, Ireland);

Summer-1987 Environmental notes  in the Gardener Magazine, (London, UK);

- occasional reports, letters to the editor and opinion pieces on environmental issues, especially:
- - 1970-1975 - from Galway
- - 1994-present - from Dunedin

A Test for the Human species: Otago Daily Times; Opinion. 9-Nov-04 (Re: Homo floresiensis)

Arguments rage around Indonesian "hobbit": Otago Daily Times; Opinion. 31-Dec-2004: 23

[Hobbit Hobbled by Bad Science. Draft: 430 words sent.
Pygmies and Hobbit Man. Draft 1520 words.
The tiny Lady of Flores became an instant enigma... Draft: Feb-2009: ??? 1600 words]

Hereweka's message of Recrimination and Inspiration. Otago Daily Times; Opinion. 17-Jan-2008: p.11

Optimising plants key to Australian ecology. Otago Daily Times; Opinion. 01-Dec-2008: p.13

Museum once a Leader. Otago Daily Times; Letter. 5-Nov-2009: p.16.

Sustainability trial opportune. Otago Daily Times; Opinion. 8-Apl-2010: p.17

Clarify debate on Climate. Otago Daily Times; Opinion. 29-June-2010: p.?

More than just a Name. Otago Daily Times; Opinion. 25-Nov-2010: p.19

Hereweka deserves more than Sheep. Otago Daily Times; Opinion. 29-Spt-2011. p.17.

'Stoats' in our fresh water.  Otago Daily Times: Opinion. 16-Feb-2012:17

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