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Aiming for over 3M names via
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usefully functional.
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DRAFTS: (under active attention at 15 September, 2014)

1  TAXONOMY - the Scientific Communications System for knowing NATURE
2  The Case for a Common/Public/Standard TAXONOMY
3  To fix NATURE, start with TAXONOMY
4  TAXONOMY: with BioLists

1:  TAXONOMY - the Scientific Communications System for knowing Nature

Taxonomy encodes what Science knows about Life on Earth: the code unlocks the scientific literature, which, as for taxonomic names, never goes out of contention. 
Probably no other area of human endeavour can help us look so objectively into the past, appreciate all of life's vital resources today, and focus our attention on the perilous and exciting future that we look forward to sharing with the rest of Nature, knowing that Nature is pre-eminent.
Learn to use the language.

Art may let us learn similarly from within ourselves and from the intelligence within our diverse cultures.