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Curriculum vitae:  CEDRIC STANLEY WOODS, at 02 August 2014

PO Box 5639, DUNEDIN 9058, New Zealand.
Tel:  +64-3-4780 953:

Born April 1935 at Belfast, N. Ireland
Based in New Zealand since January 1961: Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Dunedin.
Also lived in Canada (1968-1970), (S) Ireland (1970 - - 1975), Libya (1975 - - 1987).

B.Sc.  1957  Queens University of Belfast, Northern Ireland,
    in Zoology with Botany, Chemistry and Geology
    Honours (2:1).  Honours Report: Marine Larval Settlement.
M.Sc. 1965  Queen's Univ. Belfast, in Zoology (Freshwater Ecology),
    (for work conducted and published in New Zealand)
Ph.D. 1968  University of Canterbury, N.Z., in Zoology
    Fish Biology, Ecology and Systematics

Career Interests:
- Natural history;  Taxonomy (Leeches; Fishes; Overall);
- Biodiversity and Conservation issues; 
- Ecology (wetlands; arid lands); 
- Freshwater aquaculture
- Taxonomy in support of Ecology and Conservation

- Taxonomic database development.
- Taxonomy
(communications) in support of Ecology and Conservation.
- Biodiversity recording for Ecology
    also:    - Freshwater fish taxonomy and ecology
        - Freshwater alga-fish pond Aquaculture - to republish.
        - Global environmental trends and local responses

1994 to PRESENT: New Zealand
- Taxonomic database development for environmental monitoring
- BioLists.
- Science Writing - Occasional Opinion pieces

1984 to 1994: Libya; London, UK
- Environmental consultancy;
- Taxonomic database development for environmental monitoring - SKI-System.

Government Research & Management - New Zealand
- 1980-1984: Scientific Liaison Officer, Planning Division, Ministry of Works & Development, H.O., Wellington, N.Z. in support of the N.Z. Water and Soil Conservation Organisation
- 1960-1964: Research Scientist, Fisheries Division, Marine Department, H.O., Wellington, N.Z.

Research & Teaching:
- University of Garyunis (Binghazi, Libya): zoology - 1984-1986
- Al Fateh University (Tripoli, Libya): zoology - 1975-1978; aquaculture - 1986-1987
- National University of Ireland at Galway (Ireland) - 1970-1974
- University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Canada) - 1968-1970
- Grammar School Teacher of Biology to University Scholarship standard, N.I., U.K.- 1957-1960

Publications include:
- Native and Introduced Freshwater Fishes of New Zealand. Reeds, Wellington, N.Z.
- Freshwater Life in Ireland: Keys and Checklists. Irish University Press, Dublin, Ireland
- Fisheries Aspects of Tongariro Power Development Project; Fisheries EIR, Govt. Printer, N.Z
- Biology of Coregonid Fishes (Co-Ed): Proc. International Symposium on Coregonid Fishes
- A Bibliography of the Coregonid Fishes (Co-Ed): Fisheries Research Board of Canada.
- Variation and Taxonomic Changes in the Family Retropinnidae. NZ Jn Mar & Fw Research
- Growth Characteristics, Pigmentation & Identification of Whitebait.  NZ Jn Mar&Fw Research
also in:
- Proceedings. Zoological Society of London (Systematics; Ecology)
- Transactions American Fisheries Society; (Technology)
- Proceedings Royal Irish Academy (Systematics; Ecology)
- 6th International Symposium, Freshwater from the Sea; (Aquaculture)
- Aquaculture (Amsterdam); (Small Pond Aquaculture)
- 15th Pacific Science Congress (Freshwater Aquaculture)
- Biologist (Institute of Biology, UK); (Professional Indemnity Insurance)
- New Scientist (London); (Feature - Environmental effects of UV radiation)
- Green Magazine (London); (Feature - Biology & UV radiation)

1994 to PRESENT: Otago Peninsula, Dunedin, New Zealand.
- 2009- Present: Design and databse development for this site -
- 1996 - 2009: Initially, a variety of loosely integrated activities:- environmental reading;  garden design;  ceramics (design of sculptures (fish, chess sets, etc); slip-cast production of these; also wheel work, all  to exhibition standards); occasional science writing (opinion and letters). Latterly, climate change research - field and online; resulting ideas for remedial environmental strategies - as now built into SKIS/BioLists.
- 1992-1996:  program design (advanced level program, SKI_PLUS) and innovative data file creation for use in the taxonomic database system (completed 1996).

1986 - 1994: London, UK. Freelance.
- 1990-1994:  Program design and micro-managing the writing of the SKI_INput program (by e-mail with Derek Gunn, Systems Analyst, Dunedin, New Zealand). The basic level program (SKI_IN) and full system (covering all taxonomy) was fully functional in 1992 before I returned to New Zealand.
- 1991: Water quality consultancy: the "Great Man-made River" irrigation system, Libya. For Brown & Root, London.
- 1986-1990:  Library work to create electronic and hard-copy taxonomic data sets. Promotion of my ideas for a taxonomic database system; liaison with staff of the London Natural History Museum, etc.

1984 - 1987: Universities of Garyunis and Al Fateh, Libya.
- 1985-1987:  Professor of Zoology, Al Fateh (Tripoli), seconded to Marine Research Centre, Tajoura (Tripoli): Fisheries Biology, Aquatic Ecology; Research and Post Graduate Teaching in Aquaculture.
In charge of maintaining the nationally significant public Aquarium and large serviced aquaculture research facilities.
- 1984-1985:  Professor of Zoology; University of Benghazi. Teaching and research on my Taxonomic database system.

1980 - 1984: Ministry of Works and Development, H.O., Wellington, New Zealand.
- 1982-1984: as below, but with ideas developing for a taxonomic database system as an out-of hours activity other than for literature searches. In 1984 I was convinced of the possibility and potential for this system but did not get official support to continue its development.
- 1980-1982:  Scientific Liaison Officer, Planning Division, servicing the National Water and Soil Conservation Organisation and Regional Catchment Boards. Liaison with other government departments, universities and research institutes, in biological aspects of water management and information management.  In addition to routine functions, I took especial interest in promoting:
- investigations into the biology and utility of juvenile Salmon in Canterbury's irrigation systems;
- use of computers in land management: I promoted ideas on coding catchment connectivity.
- implications for biodiversity and water quality management in small streams - in the face of water shortages.

1977 - 1980: University of Al-Fateh, Tripoli, Libya.
Associate Professor of Zoology: Teaching; Research in Aquaculture, Freshwater and Desert Ecology. Intensive and Extensive field research.

1975 - 1977 Extensive travels and camping.
Temporary posts and commissions, eg Auckland University (Zoology) & Fisheries (Galway, Ireland).

1970 - 1974: University College Galway, Ireland.
Lecturer in Zoology: Undergraduate and Post-graduate Teaching;
Research in freshwater ecology and fisheries management (esp. Galway Salmon Fishery).
Community Ecology (Town and Gown): Weekly column, Galway Advertiser (1972-1975)

1968 - 1970: University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada
- Postdoctoral Fellow in Zoology. Undergraduate Teaching; Fisheries Research;
- Executive Secretary, International Symposium on Coregonid Fishes; co-editor of Proceedings, etc.

1964 - 1967: University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.
- Teaching Fellow in Zoology, Ph.D. student;
- Honorary Curator of Fishes, Canterbury Museum.
- Research in Systematics and Ecology of the New Zealand Freshwater and Diadromous fish fauna.
- Extensive recording of Freshwater Fishes: I collected, curated and catalogued 786 locality samples (1961-1967).

1961 - 1964 New Zealand Marine Department, Wellington, New Zealand
- Fisheries Biologist: EIR (NZ's first) for the world-class Tongariro Salmonid fishery.
- Liaison with Hydro engineers over river hydrology, etc
- Prepared "Freshwater Fishes of New Zealand, Reed, 1963" - a breakthrough account of the range of species, their life-histories, geographical distributions and ecology; this carried first reviewer status for Stokell's taxonomy (book, 1956).
- Additionally, 1963, Lecturer and examiner in Zoology, School of Pharmacy, Petone, Wellington. N.Z. Offered permanent post.

1957 - 1960: The Wallace High School, Lisburn, Northern Ireland
- Master in Charge of Biology; Teaching Science, and Biology to University Scholarship standard.
- Curriculum Development in Aquatic and Field Biology. Eg, keys to local freshwater flora and fauna.

Education to 1957
From childhood I took a major interest in observing and keeping alive freshwater organisms. By age 10 this developed into serious aquarium keeping, both cold and tropical tanks and I successfully reared a variety of species - fishes, aquatic Molluscs and Plants. Equally intensively, I got to know the local pond, stream and canal creatures. I was active in the Belfast Naturalists' Field Club (from junior member to support staff) and the Ulster Aquarium Society (formed by my father in 1945 " to recruit people to help answer my questions"). I was also active in the Ulster Cactus and Succulent Society. I excelled in staging award-winning exhibitions in these organisations. With Biology paramount, I gained an inaugural Belfast City Scholarship to Queens University to study Zoology, Botany, Geology and Chemistry. In my graduate year, I used the facilities at Portaferry on Strangford Lough to catch up on marine biodiversity and ecology.

End of core CV
Additional notes:

Sometime member of:
- Ulster Aquarium Society (founder member, 1945)
- Various Chess Clubs
- Northern Ireland Cactus and Succulent Society
- Institute of Biology (founder member of N. Irish Branch, 1958)
- New Zealand Hydrological Society (founding member, 1963)
- Institute of Biology, London
- Galway Chamber of Commerce, 1974
- New Zealand Limnological Society, 1981-1984; and now the New Zealand Freshwater Science Society, 2012-
- Otago Potters Group, 1996-

University teaching and associated research has been my primary activity with posts in:
- University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, 1968-70. Post-Doctoral Fellow in Zoology;
- Associated with the Fisheries Research Board of Canada, Winnipeg.

- Galway 1970-74 Lecturer on Zoology [Equivalent elsewhere to Senior Lecturer]
- Queen's University of Belfast. Undergraduate, & Demonstrator in Zoology.

- University of Al Fateh and Marine Research Centre, Tajoura, 1985-86. Professor of Zoology
- University of Benghazi, 1984-85. Professor of Zoology
- University of Al Fateh, Tripoli 1977-80. Associate Professor of Zoology

New Zealand:
- University of Canterbury, 1964-67. PhD student and Teaching Fellow in Zoology
- University of Auckland, 1975. Teaching Fellow in Zoology
- Canterbury Museum, Christchurch, 1965-8. Honorary Curator of Fishes

- Manitoba - Animal Biology; Systematic Biology; Genetics
- Galway - Chordate Biology; Freshwater Ecology; Entomology
- Al Fateh - Chordate Biology; Animal Biology (Pre-Pharmacy); General & Desert Ecology.
- Garyunis - Vertebrate Biology; Fisheries Biology; Ichthyology; Zoogeography

- Energy budgets for a Carp (Common and Asian Carps) impoundment near Tripoli
- Ecology of Libyan Brine Shrimp (Artemia salina)
- Potential for using Brine Shrimp (Artemia salina) in Libyan Aquaculture

- Two comparative growth studies of Mullets (Pisces: Mugilidae)

- Invertebrate Systematics (M.Sc)
- Fisheries biology (M.Sc)
- Lacustrine biomass studies (Ph.D.)

(Dates refer to List of Publications (see below)

Integration of Quinnat Salmon Aquaculture and Irrigation Systems: New Zealand (1982b).

Site assessments for Atlantic Salmon Aquaculture: Ireland [1972-'73].

Planning for management of a natural Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) and Eel (Anguilla anguilla) Fishery as a university research facility: Ireland [1973-'74].

Stocking and management of 250m3 public Aquarium, Libya [1984-'85]. In lieu of filtration, the bacterial flora in aquaria was successfully 'managed' to maintain water quality.

Commissioning, stocking and management of 150m3 experimental aquaculture facilities: Libya [1984-'85].

Algal-fish aquaculture for arid climates; theoretical (1978) and experimental (1978-1980 and 1985): Libya.

Tongariro Power Development Project, New Zealand. EIR Survey 1961 to 1964. I was in charge of all aspects of the fisheries research, analysis and reporting which preceded 18 years of construction on this 400MW scheme. It affects 2,600km2 of central North Island catchments with the internationally famous Tongariro trout fishery at its focus. The fishery has been preserved; angling revenue exceeds $NZ4M/year (1995).

The following topics are dealt with in my published report (1964 NZ Govt. Printer): Tongariro Power Development Project:
- - Estimations of recruitment of Rainbow trout in a major Salmonid fishery;

- - Recording and analysis of distribution patterns, climbing abilities and estimations of total numbers of freshwater eels (2 spp) in 100km of river headwaters;

- - Determination of toxicity to Trout of geothermal waters: Topics included finding and interpreting relationships between fluctuating pH levels, discharge, heavy metal concentrations and natural buffering levels of these in project rivers. My results led to significant design changes in the power generation hydrology and plant;

- - New methods of recording and presenting ecological data, eg:
* field measurements (1964; 1967; 1968a; 1968c; 1969),
* geographic coding systems (1964; 1983a), and
* taxonomic coding systems (1982d; 1991-present.);

- - Determination of life-histories of New Zealand freshwater fishes; several for the first time, including previously unsuspected diadromous species (1963; 1964; 1966a; 1968a&b);

- - Determination of population structures of New Zealand freshwater fish species; most for the first time (1967);

Water quality projections, Great Man-made River Irrigation Project, Libya, based on chemical data and wide ranging biological field studies (1988).

Quantitative estimates and analysis of macro-invertebrates in a small stream: N. Ireland (1966b) (Prize-winning school project.)

- Irish Leeches, Freshwater Molluscs and aquatic Beetles. Collections and significant specimens are in 3 National Museums. I contributed many records and converted all Irish Leech records to the Irish National Grid; and (1973) collated UK and Irish Leech records for the European Faunal Survey.

- NZ Freshwater Fishes - mostly Gobiomorphus spp.,  but also Galaxias spp and other native and introduced species; 1961-1967:
I collected, curated, identified, catalogued 1,600 samples (modal sample size 15 for researach material = c20,000 specimens)

- Irish Freshwater Flora and Fauna; 1971-1974:
I made and used this teaching collection to produce sketches for my published keys (1974)

- Libyan freshwater fauna research collection: 1977-80:
I collected and curated representative material
- Libyan marine fishes; 1985-86:
I identified and curated an existing teaching collection of c100 species.

- Novel iterative Keys to 5 species (4 previously unrecognised) of NZ Whitebait (larval Galaxiids) (1968).

- Irish Freshwater Flora and Fauna; keys to over 300 species; checklists to 600 species (1974).

- Draft Checklist of NZ Freshwater Flora and Fauna, 1,500 spp; (1983c). NZ Limnological Society.
[A proposed SKI-System prototype checklist.]

- Leeches (Hirudinidae) new to Ireland [3 spp] and Britain [2 spp]. (1959; 1974; 1976).

- Illustrations of all species of NZ Freshwater fishes and juvenile stages of species with previously unknown life histories. (1963; also 1968a; 1968b). All illustrations are from catalogued specimens. Most are now in museums; eg all specimens used for my 1963 book were added to the collections in the Natural History Museum, London.

- Systematics of the Genus Gobiomorphus: New Zealand (PhD thesis, 1967).

- First complete categorisation of life histories and first definitions of population structure for the NZ Freshwater fishes (1964; also 1966a; 1968a).

- Systematic revision of the Retropinnidae based on analysis of geographic variation (1968b). (The first application of Huxley's 'New Systematics' in New Zealand.)

General Ecology; Freshwater Ecology; Desert Ecology; Systematic Biology; Genetics; Animal Biology & Classification; Chordate/Vertebrate Biology; Entomology; Ichthyology; Zoogeography.
Series of Adult Education Courses (Galway and Sligo, Ireland)

Species delimitation based on sexual dimorphism in the New Zealand Eleotridae (Gobiidae). Presented to the Tenth New Zealand Science Conference, Christchurch. December 1962.

A model of downstream migrations of salmonid fry based on accurate sampling and recording techniques for New Zealand Rainbow Trout (Onchorhynchus mykiss)(661-Sal). Presented to the 15th Pacific Science Congress, Dunedin, N.Z. January 1983.

Finger-tip Taxonomy. Poster paper & on-screen demonstration at 'Systematics and Conservation', a London Conference of the Linnean Society, Systematics Association and Natural History Museum, 17-19 June 1992. This featured many conservation delegates from the Rio de Janeiro World Summit.


        Re: Fisheries aspects of the Tongariro Power Development Project, 1964
"He broke completely new ground as far as New Zealand is concerned and represents a realistic assessment of the problems involved."
             G.A.Knox, Professor & Head, Zoology Dept., Univ. of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

        Re: Freshwater Life in Ireland: Keys and Checklists..., Irish University Press, 1974.
"At long last an Irish book on Freshwater Biology has appeared and it is an excellent piece of work, abundantly illustrated, impressively easy to  follow."
                                                       Christopher Moriarty (Fisheries Biologist), in: The Irish Times, July 1974

        Re: Freshwater Life in Ireland: Keys and Checklists..., Irish University Press, 1974
"Seldom does one come across a book that one can wholly recommend. ... remarkable in its simplicity and ingenuity. ... His aims are clear, decisive and laudable. ... School child, teacher and naturalist will find it invaluable."                     Michael Moynihan, Editor, The Education Times, Dublin. 1 Aug 1974: 13.