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The core purpose of BioLists is to empower Ecology, Education, Conservation and Natural History by making Taxonomy accessible - the power of Names.

Above:  A first glimmer (1990) of the SKI-System/BioLists concept: SKIS - the Six Kingdom Indexing System.   Design - CSW; Composition - DJG; 1991

In the mid-1980s I devised a system to make using taxonomy easy for any interested person with a small PC. By the early 1990s, my SKI-System (SKIS), running on MS-DOS, was fully functional for checklisting and information management, including the updating of the taxonomy in its files.  Alas, professional interest in maintaining classical Taxonomy was at a low ebb and advances in computer technology soon made the SKI-System software redundant. Now, with much interesting DNA-based Taxonomy needing to be brought into use to help with the management of critical environmental issues, BioLists proudly offers a comprehensive tool for managing biodiversity data and associated environmental information. Remember, in BioLists, the main function of Taxonomy is simply to serve as an Index - just one - to facilitate use of linked information. CSW, Dunedin, Sept-2012.