PLEASE: Check out the above information — and find that BioLists is offering a ready-to-use mechanism to promote global conservation. Its main feature is simplicity – the hardest to achieve of all the design elements.

PLEASE: Please help promote leadership in favour of the vital sciences so as to allow nature to help us be more reasonable, more human; more sustaining.

THEN, PLEASE accept the challenge to confront the Sixth Mass Extinction Event using advanced and supported conservation. This mass extinction event has already built up momentum such that it might continue its advances even with no further environmental damage from us. Triggered by previous extinctions, slow extinction cascades are happening unexpectedly, mostly of species unknown to any scientists, so today's reactive conservation could be missing the mark.

Further local extinctions can only be prevented (a big job), and then reversed (a further, probably even bigger job) by local, forward-looking, and scientifically-based conservation actions on a scale massively greater than has been considered possible up to now. The big jump that this envisages is having majority input from constructively interested grass-roots society everywhere - with guidance from involved ecologists, and a unified communications system.

Note-1: In depth community input into the vital sciences, especially conservation, will have great immediate social benefits as they adapt. In addition to constructively distracting people away from negative problems due to radically altering their life-styles as they adapt to sustainable ways of living by solving future-orientated problems.

Note-2: BioLists is purpose-built to quickly enable all necessary steps to support the vital sciences. I do not find any comparable mechanism being proposed and brought to the point of implementation in the scientific literature. Note also that BioLists will not require more than a small number of people in any community to be on-line or otherwise involved with computers to get full value from it. Most benefits will derive from the transfer of vernacular names from BioLists into hopefully widespread conversational use. What is then critical is collecting field returns into biolists. Remember, what's important is to implement the above means of salvaging the biosphere with people still present doing all necessary conservation of nature. Then we can all relax.

BioLists needs a little help
a) a home (a management plan and organisation), and
b) a support group coordinating ways of adding scientific names (Genus and species names to existing Family names), also adding species-level vernacular names to these in all possible languages.
Suggestions, with an "entrance fee" of one useful biolist and offers of help of all sorts, are welcome at

The above text was put online on 27-August-2018, and edited 3-September-2018 and has not been modified since.

For the Earth
Cedric Woods